who is it for?

Our investment education and financial literacy resources are versatile learning as well as teaching tools suitable for many end users:

  • Students who wish to study investment management, finance or related fields can use them as "primers". Those already studying these subjects can benefit from them as refresher courses or learning aids

  • Lecturers can use the programs as teaching aids or as supplements to their existing resources for proactively engaging their students, adding a refreshing, dynamic dimension to their teaching practice

  • Financial advisors working in family offices, wealth management firms, insurance companies or advisory organisations can hone their investment skills and enhance their practical knowledge, adding direct value to their clients

  • Financial advisors can also offer the programs to their clients as an extra benefit. An informed clientele will make it easier for advisors to establish an enduring, interactive advisor-client communication framework. This will facilitate a decision-making process which is mutual and founded on fundamental principles of investing, thus cementing a trusted, long-term relationship

  • Members of corporate pension plans who wish to have a better understanding of investment principles and make informed and confident self-directed decisions when managing their retirement funds

  • Trustees of pension plans who wish to deepen or expand  their understanding of key investment concepts so that they can be more effective in dispensing their fiduciary duties toward plan members. The knowledge and insights they gain will enable them to confidently go "toe-to-toe" with product providers and "cross swords" with investment managers, challenging them when appropriate and thus adding value to plan members

  • Providers of private corporate pensions can use our resources as a means of engaging plan members, transforming them from passive bystanders to active participants in the investment decision-making process necessary for retirement planning