understanding investing: a metro map


Station Gauss:

Risk & Return

Journey with Carl Friedrich Gauss and explore the complex relationship between two quarrelsome and often misunderstood siblings of the investment world!


Station Bernoulli:

Risk Profiling

Meet Daniel Bernoulli as we examine the diversity of human perception and its role in investment decision-making


Station Cervantes:


Who coined the phrase "do not put all your eggs in a basket"? And are all eggs and all baskets created equal?


Station Medici: Asset Classes

A visit to Renaissance Europe and the Medici Family to meet the building blocks of investing, their unique characteristics and methods of valuation


Station Markowitz:

Portfolio Construction

Professor Markowitz shows us that the magic of alchemy is not limited to the reaction among metals. Portfolio construction is a journey into the remarkable chemistry of asset classes and how they behave when blended


Station Hypatia:

The Magic Black Box

Meet Hypatia, the mother of computational tools, who will introduce you to our Magic Black Box, the engine that operates tirelessly behind the scene, generating the "what-if" analysis that allow us to create a lively variety of graphs, tables and diagrams for illustrating key investment concepts

The Learning Lounge

The "Lounge" is designed for enthusiasts who want - or rather insists on - a deeper understanding of a topic, the nuts and bolts of it, so to speak. You need to have an unflinching dedication, a keen eye and a matching level of patience and endurance to venture in this zone for it is a place of deep contemplation and thought - yet also of relaxation!