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“Irish Life was very satisfied with its commissioned work from Investanalitix. They applied innovative analytical techniques to an important commercial opportunity we were considering and provided Irish Life with fresh insights into an area we previously thought we understood very well”

Ivor O’Shea, Director of Risk Operations, Irish Life Corporate Business

“Highly impressive work”

Charles E. Abrecht, Managing Partner, Rasini Fairway Capital

“In the new world of high regulation and in the interests of best practice, we as independent financial advisers are not only expected to ensure our clients’ asset allocation is appropriate to their investment risk profile but to also assess the value added by fund managers. Investanalitix’s in-depth approach to fund and fund manager analysis is carried out in a sophisticated and impartial way which is evidenced by the high quality reports produced. This can only be good for advisers and most importantly our clients.”

Richard Riordon, Managing Director, Navigation Wealth

investment education products

"I like the storytelling approach as it is completely different to what I have experienced from investment learning to date"

"I enjoyed it! It made what can seem like a very technical area less daunting"

"It is a unique and interesting outlook and idea which could be very useful with regards to learning"

"I would consider it very useful because it helps you visualise and engage, thus learn in an interesting and fun way"

"This is a unique way to introduce investing"

"It is helpful because it teaches about investments in a unique, interesting and interactive way"

"It expands and consolidates my knowledge"