our 20/20 financial literacy quiz

Take our 20/20 test to measure your financial literacy!

20 questions and 20 minutes to answer them in. We've kept it fairly simple but have spread the net wide to cover a range of topics, from risk & return to diversification, from portfolio construction to probability theory, and from economics to stocks, bonds & property.

We have also created a difficulty scale ranging from D01 (easiest) to D10 (hardest). We think the test is just around D03 on this scale - fairly easy. We have set the pass score at 60%, which is quite generous! 

Here is a quick and easy guide for interpreting your score:

  • 90% - 100%: You are the finished article - probably an expert!

  • 70% - 89%: You are polished to a shine

  • 50% - 69%: You are beginning to shine - keep it up

  • 30% - 49%: A bit on the rusty side - you need some polishing

  • <30%: You need a serious polishing job!

To take the test, you don't need to enter your name or e-mail address; just click on the cross next to "skip step", wait a couple of seconds and then scroll down and click on the green "start assessment" button. You are now good to go...

Bon voyage!