the opening gambit: a guided tour

Before you begin your exploration of the Mind Gym in earnest, get your feet wet with the video of our Opening Gambit: Eight warm-up math and investment games which will give you a flavor of what lies ahead and prepare you for the pleasures of your journey.

The only prerequisites are a playful mind and a willingness to fly on the wings of your imagination! So step into this cerebral arena and experience our colorful potpourri of puzzles, paradoxes, mysteries, conundrums and number magic. Here you can:

  • See how order can suddenly emerge from the apparent chaos of numbers

  • Pit your wits against Zeno of Elea, the thinker who thought so much about how not to get from point A to point B that he finally found a way!

  • Explore the mysterious properties of geometric progression and common ratios and see them unfold before your very eyes. Could they play a role in your everyday investing?

  • Find out what ancient Greeks meant by "asumptōtos", known to us as asymptotes in analytical geometry, and discover how this bijou mathematical concept is cleverly adopted by actuaries to help your credit card debt run in virtual perpetuity

  • Discover the marvels of compounding and try to decipher this cryptic message from Albert Einstein: "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.” 

  • Take part in an imaginary, double-or-quits coin toss contest to determine your risk profile. How much are you willing to wager on such a speculation?

  • Visualise random events and simulate the risk and return of two hypothetical stocks using our Monte Carlo simulator

  • Experience diversification through a game of dice and see close up the mathematics of risk reduction

  • Build your first investment portfolio and then put on your alchemist's hat and see how, by adding a risky  asset to the mix, you can actually reduce your portfolio's risk ... contrary to what you would intuitively expect

  • Experiment with various permutations of this portfolio and plug in your risk profile or desired level of expected return and run our simulator to see whether the outcome is what you anticipated

Why not step inside and make your move?