financial literacy fundamentals

It is said that play helps us learn how to learn. Sharing this view, we have developed  our financial literacy program as a series of games built around interactive Excel Workbooks. You can only play these games in a unique arena we call the Mind Gym, a cerebral place where you can exercise your gray cells and learn all about financial literacy in an engaging, enjoyable and rewarding way. 

There are twelve such Workbooks, each complementing one or more of our lesson topics and highlighting a key financial or investment principle and its everyday applications to our daily lives. Dovetailing with our diverse coursework materials, these Workbooks are the ideal tools for re-enforcing and consolidating the knowledge you gain and develop during your learning experience.

Financial Literacy Fundamentals includes eleven key investment topics, eight fascinating math and investment games, a quiz bank containing over one hundred interactive questions, eight dynamic quiz types, one timed and graded assessment and much more!