empowerment through investment education

Investment education and training is a core element of our practice. This is based on the belief that a well-informed investor is more likely to make competent, long-term investment decisions.


We provide a wide range of resources through our IX University Understanding Series. These have been developed  for ordinary investors and industry practitioners alike and are designed to be practical and informative yet engaging, offering varying degrees of subject depth and breadth to suit every end-user requirement and knowledge level.

our philosophy & approach

Our philosophy for investment education centres on interactive learning and learner empowerment. Optimal learning is achieved when both hemispheres of the brain are engaged in the complex process of acquiring knowledge. Empowerment is then a function of the application of this knowledge to every-day investment decisions.

We use multiple media to accomplish this "knowledge transfer", but above all we employ a storytelling approach which we combine with games to make investment education an enjoyable, appealing and enduring learning experience.