corporate investment education programs

An often-mentioned lament of corporate pension plan sponsors and trustees is that members lack adequate investment knowledge and understanding. Equally concerning is that they are generally disengaged from their pension plans, particularly from the all-important retirement planning process. Consequently, a significant number of employees are poorly prepared for retirement. 

In practice, plan members are not such a homogeneous group. At one end of the scale are those who do lack sufficient investment knowledge and are indeed disinterested in retirement planning: Auto-enrollment and standardised, off-the-shelf "default funds" would seem a suitable solution for this group.


At the other end are those who are very much "switched on" to the investment process and the need for retirement planning. Industry research shows that 1-in-4 employees falls in this category. Members of this group are not only proactive investors but also tend to ask for more investment tools and building blocks, including investment education resources. In one industry survey, 1-in-5 employees stated that financial education would "encourage them to save for retirement". 


We offer a wide range of dynamic employee investment education and training resources through our IX University Understanding Series. These have been developed  for beginner as well as advanced investors in mind and are designed to be practical and informative yet enjoyable, offering varying degrees of subject depth and breadth to suit every end-user requirement and knowledge level.

Our resources are highly flexible and can be delivered through multiple channels, including on-line mini and macro courses or via seminars or workshops. 

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Our web-based courses are flexible and scalable:

  • "On-the-go" micro and mini courses (1-10 minutes long)

  • Macro courses (more than 1 hour long) 


Access Channels

Our programs can be structured as:

  • E-learning packages

  • Seminars

  • Workshops 

  • Combination


Mode of Delivery

Our programs can be delivered:

  • On-line

  • On-site

  • Off-site

  • Combination