the learning lounge

The "Learning Lounge" is designed for enthusiasts who want - or rather insists on - a deeper understanding of a topic, the nuts and bolts of it, if you will. You need to have an unflinching dedication, a keen eye and a matching level of patience and endurance to venture in this zone for it is a place of deep contemplation and thought - yet also of relaxation!

Here we delve into the topics introduced in the main text by providing explanations, examples and formulas to elaborate on important points or highlight subtle nuances. However, each course is designed in such a way so that this section can be skipped entirely without missing a beat. So... if you end up in the Lounge by mistake, it's not too late, you can still withdraw with your honor intact! 

Regardless, do stop by, have a peak out of interest or curiosity, browse, find a comfortable seat in our Issac Newton Lounge and stay a while and then just carry on your journey.


Either way, you will always find something that might pique your interest and make your stay even more memorable...